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Vehicle Maintenance Schedule (Check List)

We strongly advise our valuable customers for periodic maintenance checks, consult your owner’s manual and/or your car service technician, however the following chart helps to remind you when and what to be checked in a timely manner on your vehicle. This chart is also available in a printable format (PDF) in our website so that you can print it and have it in your car available. Download the checklist HERE. To print PDF format you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.


What to check monthly (Monthly Car Maintenance Schedule):
Panel Lights (Inside cabin)
Watch for your "Check Engine" and other lights or any message that come on your car's panel. See your mechanic as soon as possible.
Lights (Outside cabin)
Check whether or not all outside lights (headlights, tail lights, brake light, turn signals and flashers) are working.
Tire Pressure & Condition
Check the air pressure of tires (and spare tire). The air pressure chart of your car is normally attached to the middle post between the doors or in the owner’s manual. Do not rely the tire pressure written on the  tire.
Tire wear and appearance
Check your tires if there is any uneven wear, cuts, or any sharp object.
Windshield Washer Fluid
Check the windshield washer fluid reservoir and refill it to the indicated level marks.
What to check every 3 months or 5,000 Km (~3,000 miles) (In addition to all of the above)
Air Filter (Engine)
It is recommended to change the engine air filter at the same time with oil change.
Automatic Transmission Fluid
Check the level of the automatic transmission fluid as described in your car owner's manual.
Battery & Cables:
Check the battery and the its connectors while you change engine oil. Make sure the battery connectors are tight and there is no corrosion around the connections.
Check if there is any sign of wear or rupture, pilling, crack, etc. on the  engine belts. Sometime the issues are visible but if not you can ask your mechanic technician to check it for you.
Exhaust/ muffler
Always listen to your car sounds especially your exhaust sounds. Any sound or unusual exhaust sound may mean a crack, damage or any broken supports. Drive your car to a  service center as soon as possible.
Fuel Filter
Check the engine fuel filter at every oil change. Generally, fuel filters should be changed once a year 
Make sure all lights are clean and working, including your headlights, tail/brake lights, turn signals and emergency flashers.
Oil & Filter
Change your oil and filter every 4,500 km, or see your owner’s manual for the recommended oil change schedule. Your auto technician may also advise you change your oil and filter based on the brand they have available in their service center.
Power Steering Fluid
Check the level of powering steering fluid. 
Chassis Lubrication
If you  are using an older car, the steering and suspension systems may need lubricating or greasing. Check your owner’s manual for lubricating spots on your vehicle. New cars normally do not require lubricating the chassis parts.
Exterior car paint
Check your car exterior body paint for any sign of rust. If any rust is observed consult with  a body and paint service center as soon as possible so that you prevent developing the rust. A badly developed rust may need part replacement at a very high cost.
Wiper Blades
It is recommended to replace wiper blades every year before fall season starts especially if there is any crack or cut mark on them. A bad wiper blade may not perfectly clean your wind shields and may scratch your wind shield after a short period.
What to check every 9 months or 15,000 (~ 9,000 miles) (Repeat monthly & 3-month checks)
What to check every 12 months or 20,000 (~12,000 miles) (In addition to all of the above)
Cabin Air Filter
Replace cabin air filters annually or follow your owner's manual directions. If you are living in a high level pollution city replace it more often.
Antifreeze Radiator Coolant
Check antifreeze radiator coolant. Make sure the car is cool and check the level of the engine coolant from the reservoir tank. Never try to open the radiator cap when the engine is hot!
Spark Plugs
Get advise from your owner’s manual for the spark plugs cares or ask your service technician to do so.
Steering & Suspension
Have your steering and suspension systems checked yearly or sooner if you notice any uneven tire wear. This can be observed if your car squeals, shimmies or vibrates.




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